Barbara H. Smith is a sought-after international speaker who fully believes in the power of story to motivate, inspire and educate.

She provides speaker training and confidence coaching programs that keep audiences ENGAGED and on the edges of their seats.  If your previous presentations and/or training have not produced skills transformation and led to a positive ROI (return on investment), it’s time to hire the masterful presenter, for executive & self-confidence coaching and presenting.  Anheiser Busch, Canon and Capital One are all glad they did!

The Founder of BHS Consulting, LLC she is an experienced business woman, and has worked with entrepreneurs and corporations, to help increase their bottom line.

Barbara helps executives overcome the fear of public speaking, to confidently stand up and standout to propel their careers forward.

She works with people who are motivated, self-starters and are results oriented. I refuse to work with people who procrastinate, don’t take ownership of their lives or who are disrespectful to others.

If you want to crush the fear of speaking in public once and for all, with techniques that work allowing you to stand up, stand out, get noticed, then contact Barbara H. Smith.


The Top 5 Things Masterful Presenters Do

If you’ve ever sat through “death by PowerPoint”, you understand that there’s got to be a more engaging way to present, and there is!
Learn what masterful presenters do differently, that engage audiences to cause them to take action.

Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Ever had to stand up to speak and your nerves took over? This entertaining, enlightening and engaging training will move you from frozen to fantastic! Learn the tips, tricks and techniques that makes your audience encourage you instead of intimidating you!

Build Your Business Culture with Diversity

Break free of the limiting beliefs that can be limiting your organizations income potential! 

Discover how to build a thriving business by hiring a diverse and qualified workforce.