Individual Speaker Coaching

So What Can Individual Speaker Coaching Do For You?

Whether they show up on their own, or are sent by their companies, my public speaking clients all want the same thing: The ability to express their thoughts — confidently, clearly, and concisely.

For some, this means speaking with less fear.

For others, it means speaking with more focus.

So yes, individual speaker coaching will show you how to craft a speech, sales pitch, or wedding toast that you can deliver with pride. You will learn how to speak up in meetings (or run them!), hold difficult conversations, make small talk, and more.

But no matter your specific goals, what public speaker coaching will primarily show you is how to acquire new skills, practice to perfect them, and up the chance that you’ll be heard and respected whenever you speak, and whatever you speak about!

Public Speaking Workshops

Does Your Organization Have Great Public Speakers?

Public speaking doesn’t just matter for individuals — it matters for organizations, too. Public speaking workshops can help you ensure that:

  • Talented people reach their full potential;
  • Opportunities aren’t left on the table; and
  • Your organization has an easier time succeeding.

Workshops provide the training your high potential employees need to advance themselves and your organization’s goals.